My Software Projects

I produce R packages for implementing methods that are useful for social scientists (and sometimes I create software tools just for fun!). Below are brief descriptions of my software projects.


The psychmeta R package is a comprehensive implementation of the Hunter-Schmidt method of psychometric meta-analysis. It is available from CRAN and my GitHub account (the latter is always the most current version because I release incremental updates on GitHub between CRAN releases). For an introduction to psychmeta, check out the overview vignette. Visit to learn more about psychmeta.


The hlmer R package is a wrapper for the lme4 package’s lmer function that allows researchers to specify mixed-effects models in hierarchical notation. The output from hlmer is meant to mimic the output of Raudenbush, Bryk, & Congdon’s HLM7 program for Windows. hlmer is available from my GitHub account.


My first love was music, so it’s only natural that I would eventually work music into my programming activities. I’ve produced the schoenberg package to offer open-source tools for creating and manipulating 12-tone (i.e., dodecaphonic) musical matrices using Arnold Schoenberg’s (1923) serialism technique. This package can generate random 12-tone matrices and can generate matrices using a pre-determined sequence of notes. It is available from CRAN and my GitHub account.